Happy New Year & January Meeting Rescheduled for 19 January 2015


Hi Ladies,

Sometimes even the best-made plans need adjusting.  And so it is with our January meeting.  Our original meeting date falls on the same date as the Bahamas Majority Rule Holiday (The holiday is January 10th, but because it falls on a weekend, the official day off and celebration is on the 12th. Most businesses, schools, banks, etc. will be closed that day, and this info wasn’t on most calendars back when the meeting schedule was being put together last year).

So, the January meeting has been rescheduled for Monday, January 19th, 2015.  Still at the Ruby Swiss Restaurant. And our usual starting times of 11 am Social Hour, 12 Noon Luncheon.

Our program has changed as the speaker was not available for the new date (hopefully we will be able to reschedule that talk another month!).

The good news is that in January we will now get to hear a travelogue about Rich & Elly DeVries’ recent trip to China and Vietnam—looking forward to hearing more about this fascinating part of the world!

Please rsvp with a new reservation for January 19th by contacting Anne McConnell: anne3m@aol.com or call: 373.8096 before Friday, January 16th.  The cost of the luncheon is the same:  $18 for members; $20 for guests.  Even if you rsvp’d for the previous date, please make a new reservation for January 19th so we know you got the word about this calendar change.

Hope this finds you having a wonderful first day of 2015—here’s to much joy, peace, wonder—and gentle flexibility!—in the new year.

e-smiles and all best wishes for your most fabulous year ever!

Paula Farrington

Newsletter / Web Chair

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