Grand Bahama American Women’s Club


18th April, 2016

Joan Darville opened the meeting with the reading of the Collect and the Pledge to the Flag was recited.  President, Jo Morasco, then introduced the Program Speaker, Sherry Woods, of the BNT Rand Nature Centre’s Children’s Programs.

Minutes of the General Meeting held 14th March, recently circulated by Newsletter, were proposed for approval by Gloria and seconded by Joan Darville. Carried. Barbara Harrington pointed out that that there was a correction to the minutes and that she was not the Chairman of the Nominating Committee; Joy Larsen was.

Philanthropic: Joyce – The Philanthropic dinner will be held at the May meeting on the 2nd and invites have been delivered to schools. Two former scholarship recipients – Dava Major, a graduate of College of the Bahamas Nursing School and Kyle Weech who attended University in Florida and is an engineer there – have both written to thank the Club for their support and encouragement and the paying of their school fees.

Treasurer – Christine’s report for the month was printed in the Newsletter. An additional cheque for $926 to Ruby Swiss for March lunch and $137.38 to Paula Fingland for additional wine at the Anniversary Party were issued.

Anne proposed the Treasurer’s report be adopted; Barbara Harrington seconded this. Carried.

Parliamentarian – Ann Bain – Tranika Rolle, a young Engineer, has agreed to speak at the May meeting.

Membership – Syl Clift – New member, Anita Koch from Ohio has been approved.

Luncheon – Joy Dart: 40 members present today. Next month’s luncheon reservations will be coordinated by Doreen Plummer in Joy’s absence. Jo thanked Karen for greeting members with new lanyards at each meeting.

Great Books – Norma Liedel: Next meeting will be second to last, to be held at Christine’s house.

In memory of Rachel Jacquart, $25 will be donated to the Children’s Home.

Committee Chairpersons were reminded to have their Annual Reports completed for the May meeting.

Program: After lunch, Sherry Woods powerpoint display explained the various children’s programs offered by the Rand Nature Centre and the interest and support of the Bahamas Defense Force and schools which hold Environmental Clubs. President Jo thanked Sherry, pledged $1000 towards the Children’s Programs, and presented her with the Club tote bag.

Other Business:

Angela Hackman announced the Thursday Club Salsa Night on the 21st as a fundraiser for the Sailing Club.

Rengin Johnson thanked the members for their transparency, productive activity over the years and said she was proud to be a member.

After the Raffle, which brought in $150, the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by Paula Fingland, Recording Secretary



14th March, 2016

President, Jo, asked Jaina Johnson to open the meeting with the reading of the collect. The Pledge was then recited. Guests were introduced, including speaker, Janet Albury Simpson, and Abbey Smith and Natalie Willis from NAGB, Nassau.
Minutes of the General Meeting held 8th February, were read by Paula Fingland as they had not been circulated. Joyce corrected the date that the Freeport branch of the American Women’s Club started 1966. Anne Bain proposed that the corrected Minutes be approved. This was seconded by Bev. Carried.

Philanthropic: Joyce reported the results of the committee’s review of 43 applicants and presented recommendations that the Golf Tournament profits of $26,202.05 be combined with reserve funds of $4,679.95 to award scholarships, community donations, and to send two students to the GFWC/HOBY Leadership seminar in 2017. These recommendations, proposed for adoption by Joyce, were seconded by Barbara and the motion was carried unanimously.

16 Scholarships @ $1300 each (11 renewals & 5 new)                                    $20,832

8 Community Awards @ $1000 each                                                                  $  8,000

Rand Nature Centre Camp, Salvation Army Camp, YMCW Summer Program, Sir Charles Hayward Children’s Library Summer Program, Humane Society of Grand Bahama summer Camp, GB District of Girl Guides, GB Sailing Club Summer Camp, Regency Theatre Summer Camp

The Paradise cove Reef Ball Project                                                                       $    250

US Too Prostate Cancer Awareness                                                                       $     300

GFWC/HOBY Leadership Seminar (2-10th grade students)                           $  1,500

Total                                                                           $30,882
Joyce thanked the members of the committee for their efforts this yea,r and Jo congratulated Joyce on an excellent job.

Golf Tournament – Norma thanked her committee for selling more raffle tickets than last year, and making this fundraiser the best yet, with a net of almost $27,000.

Slate of Officers – Barbara Harrington, Chair of the Nomination committee, presented the following slate of officers for 2016/2017, which was proposed for adoption by Bonnie Kruse and seconded by Madge Vining:
President – Christine Gardner
1st Vice-Pres. – Poppy Chitwood
2nd Vice-Pres. – Norma Liedel
Treasurer – Jackie Gray
Recording Secretary – Paula Fingland
Correspondence Secretary -Joy Larsen

Treasurer – Christine gave the month’s financial report and submitted a copy for filing.
Ron Majer proposed the Treasurer’s report be accepted and this was seconded by Joan.

PR – Katybel mentioned that the 50th Anniversary Party was a success, and 77 persons enjoyed both the meal and dancing to the fabulous music of The Apple Elliott Band.

April Program – Joy Larsen absent; for next month’s program Cheri Woods will speak on the Children’s Programs of the Bahamas Nat’l Trust.

Wands – Bev: 1444 children were screened this year with 150 identified for vision correction and 90 referred for further hearing assessment.

Program: Janet Albury Simpson of the Grand Bahama Museum gave a very interesting and informative slide show on the construction of the new  Museum at the Shannon Golf Course, which has been designed by Peter Barrett.

Other Business:

Next Executive Board Meeting is Monday, March 21 at Anne Bain’s house at 11 am.

Geneva Rutherford sent an invitation to an exhibition of Max Taylor and Amos Ferguson art at the library for one month from 15th March.

A certificate has been received from Elaine Ko-Talmadge and Mary Kay Ernst of the GFWC who attended last week’s 50th Anniversary celebration, and enjoyed themselves while in Freeport. Elaine also left a book for club members to read if they choose. The book was written by her late husband concerning children who came to the states as exchange students.
Gloria announced a performance of Canadian Rock Artist, Alan Doyle, at the Regency Theatre on March 24 in aid of youth scholarships.

Jo bid farewell to members leaving this month for the summer and adjourned the meeting at 1.45 pm.

Respectfully submitted by

Paula Fingland, Recording Secretary




NOVEMBER 9, 2015

Ruby Swiss Restaurant

President, Jo Morasco, called the meeting to order at 12.05. The Collect was read by Poppy Chitwood and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Guests were introduced.

The President then distributed to paying members the newly printed Membership Directory booklet, which Paula Farrington designed and printed, and thanked Paula  and Freeport Advertising & Printing for her wonderful contribution.

Jocelyn Mullis moved that the Minutes of the October General Meeting be accepted as published in the Newsletter. The Motion was seconded by Bev Hall and carried.

Treasurer, Christine Gardener, reviewed the Treasurer’s Report published in the Newsletter and explained the addition of two recent checks: Ruby Swiss for October’s Lunch $473.00 and $187.05 to the Uniform Store for golf tournament tote bags. Paula Fingland made a Motion that the Treasurer’s Report be accepted; this was seconded by Joy and carried. The report will be filed for audit.

1st President, Joyce Harrison – No report.

2nd Vice President, Norma Liedel, asked that those involved in the upcoming Golf Tournament fundraiser meet after lunch. She also asked for a volunteer to handle the $100/cart donation during the tournament.

Assistant Treasurer, Jackie Gray, gave the Audit Repost which was prepared by herself and Ely Decter. Martha Cartwright moved that the Audit be approved. This was seconded by Gloria McGlone and carried.

Parliamentarian, Ann Bain – No report.

Program: Joy Larsen announced the December luncheon and jewelry exchange is planned for December 7 at Garden of the Groves. Cost is $42 and includes tea or coffee, a glass of wine, gratuity and vat.

Luncheon, Membership and Hospitality Chairs – are all off island. President thanked Paula Conway for helping.

Great Books, Norma LiedelThe club is reading Bartleby, The Scrivener: A Story Of Wall Street by Herman Melville and will be meeting on Tuesday 17th. There are currently 10 members. Anyone wishing to join should contact Norma.


Social: Angela promised a nice event for January.

Raffle: President, Jo, asked for a Volunteer to Head the Raffle Committee and thanked Paula Fingland and Doreen Jamison for handling it today.

50th Anniversary Celebration: Historian/PR, Katybel, gave a brief history of W.A.N.D.S. (Women’s Auxiliary Nursing Division) which came about many years ago when the Club decided to make themselves available in case of major emergencies (plane crash, or other). The Ladies who formed the W.A.N.D.S. eventually started the School for the Deaf, and began the testing of sight and hearing at local schools.

Katybel then reported that the 50th year Celebration on March 9, 2016

will be a dinner at Taino by the Sea Restaurant and will include a Steel Band during cocktails and dance music afterwards.

Nomination Committee: Jo asked that a Nominating Committee be formed to prepare a slate of officers for the upcoming year October 2015 – April 2016. Volunteers included: Poppy Chitwood, Paula Conway, Joy Larsen and Bev Hall.

Joyce Harrison read a letter from Hazel Hallett who is leaving the island. Hazel “thanked the Club for the honor of serving in several different capacities” since 2006.

Program Speakers, Amanda Ormerod and Rebecca Tibbits gave an interesting talk on their respective fields: Bootleg Chocolates in Port Lucaya and information on American Wines (Flying Fish Restaurant). Samples of both were enjoyed by all.

The Meeting adjourned at 2:45.

The Executive Board Meeting will be held November 16, 11:00 am at Joyce Harrison’s home.

Respectfully submitted,

Paula Fingland, Recording Secretary



APRIL 12, 2015 lunchEON meeting minutes

GBAWC General Meeting | Ruby Swiss Restaurant  |  11:00 Social | 12:00 Noon Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 12:07 PM by President Jo Morasco.

The Club Collect was read by Angela Hackman. President lead pledge. Guests were introduced by Katybel Taylor.

A motion was presented by Connie Penning and seconded by Paula Fingland to accept the March minutes as presented in Newsletter.  Motion carried.

The Treasurer’s report was presented in the Newsletter. Total expenses March: $1,096.50  Report will be filed for Audit.

Philanthropic Report—1st VP Joyce Harrison.  The following recommendations were presented by Philanthropic Committee for approval: 16 Scholarships were awarded to students in grades 9-12 in the amount of $1302.00 each, for the 2015-16 school year. 11 are new and 5 are returnees.

9 Community organizations serving the needs of the youth on Grand Bahama Island to each receive $800.00:

•  Grand Bahama Sailing Club

•  Grand Bahama District of the Girl  Guides

•  Hampton Academy

•  Humane Society of Grand Bahama Summer Camp

•  Rand Nature Centre Summer Camp

•  Recency Theatre Summer Camp

•  The Salvation Army Summer Camp

•  Sir Charles Hayward Children’s Library

•  The YMCA Summer Camp

The report was amended to include Us TOO-Prostate Cancer Awareness Program will receive $300.00.  The motion was presented by Jo Morasco and seconded by Joyce Harrison.

A motion was presented by Joan Cuffy and 2nd by Constance Penning to approve the amended motion for Us Too.  Motion carried.

The total Scholarships amount is $20,832.00, and the Community organizations amount is $7,500.00. The total amount is $28,332.00. The golf tournament realized $23,500.00 and the additional $4,832 comes from the accrued rollovers from previous club years.

Motion presented by Madge Vining and 2nd to approve the Philanthropic recommendations as amended. Motion carried.

A motion was presented by Jo Morasco and 2nd for approval to send President to GFWC convention. Motion carried

Luncheon—50 persons in attendance, 22 guests.  Raffle—Joan Hill-Cuffy.  WANDS—Hazel Hallett-Final report given.


Treasurer:  Christine Gardner

Corresponding Sec:  Lori Slenker

Recording  Sec:  Paula Fingland

2nd VP :  Norma Liedel

1st VP:   Joyce Harrison

President:    Jo Morasco

Today’s Speaker—Dr. Todd Malan of the Okyanos Institute.  A question and answer period followed.

Program-May Speaker is Mr. Zhivargo Laing. May meeting will be held evening of May 4th, at 7:00PM (6 PM Social).

Announcements:  Sailing Club Jazz Event with Steve Woven, Pianist, this weekend. Georgia Taylor’s School of Dance presents ‘’Princess & The Frog, May 2nd & 3rd, 24th, 25th, 26th. Tickets available at the usual places.

Meeting Adjourned at 1:55PM

Joan Darville and Beverly Hall




9 March 2015 · Ruby Swiss Restaurant

The General meeting of GBAWC was called to order by President Jo Morasco at 12:05 pm, March 9th at Ruby Swiss Restaurant.  Laurie Tuchel read the Collect; the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.  Twelve guests were introduced.

The minutes of the February general meeting were accepted as published in the newsletter.

Joyce Harrison moved to charge $22.00 for monthly luncheons plus $2.00 for guests. Motion was seconded and passed.

Joyce Harrison, 1st Vice President, gave a report on the philanthropic committee’s progress.

Christine Gardner, Treasurer, gave a report and moved that the following payments be approved:  Ruby Swiss $1075, Freeport News $459.84, GFWC $65.00, Flowers for February meeting $55.00, $311.05 for trophies, $28.79 for supplies, $95.00 for duty, $1,000 for cart fees, $96.05 for gifts, $2,336.00 for cart fees, and $242.43 for petty cash.  Motion was seconded and passed.  Copy of report given to Secretary to be filed for audit.

Joy Larsen gave a report for the Nominating Committee and presented the

following slate for the April election:

President – Jo Morasco

1st Vice President – Joyce Harrison

2nd Vice President – Norma Liedel

Corresponding Secretary – Lori Slenker

Recording Secretary (no nomination)

Treasurer – Christine Gardner

President Jo opened called for nominations from the floor.  Katybel Taylor nominated Paula Fingland for Recording Secretary.  Paula accepted the nomination.

No further nominations came from the floor.

Jackie Gray, Assistant Treasurer, reported that to date $23,054.16 has been earned from the golf tournament.

Katybel Taylor, Historian/Public Relations Chair, proposed that the Club have a contest for a slogan to be used next year to publicize the Clubs fiftieth anniversary.  There would be a surprise prize.

Luncheon Chair announced 49 people were present at the Meeting.  Raffle Chair announced that $189.00 was earned at last month’s raffle.

Joyce Harrison gave a WANDS report and announced a gathering at Dive-In on March 18th for all WANDS volunteers.

Guest speaker was Paul Mockler who presented his award winning movie,

“Every Child Counts.”

Next Executive Board Meeting is March 16th at Paula Farrington’s home.

After additional announcements the meeting adjourned at 2:05 pm.

Submitted by Martha Cartwright, standing in for Joan Darville.


9 February 2015 · Ruby Swiss Restaurant

The meeting was called to order at 12:00 pm by President Jo Morocco. The Club’s Collect and Pledge of

Allegiance were led by Katybel Taylor.

Madam President welcomed all in attendance, and members introduced their guests. Greetings were received from Hazel Hallatt and Carolyn Milligan.

1st VP Joyce Harrison announced Scholarship Committee meetings will begin immediately following the Golf Tournament.  Recommendations will be presented in March. All requests from organizations must be in ASAP.

WANDS:  Eleven schools to be tested this month. Forms are available for WANDS volunteers, members and non members. Training session will be held at the close of the season.

2nd VP: Roz Majer reported on the progress of the Golf Tournament. Raffle sales are $20.00 for 50\50 split.

Dessert donation sheet was passed around. The After Party will be held at Ocean Blue Restaurant.  Non-

golfers may purchase dinner tickets for $15.00.

Treasurer Christine Gardner reported a current balance of $33,276.09.  A motion was presented by Constance Penning and seconded by Roz Majer that checks presented to club for approval be paid.  Motion carried.

The Treasurer’s report will be filed for Audit.

A motion was presented by Katybel Taylor and seconded by Madge Vining that minutes of the January meeting be approved as presented in the Newsletter. Motion carried.

The Program in March will feature a movie “Every Child Counts” by Paul Mockler. April’s speaker will be Dr. Todd Malan from the new Stem Cell facility, Okyanos.

Social Chairman Ann Bain was thanked by the President for such a successful event in January.

Great Books Chairman Norma Liedel will hold the next meeting at her home on March 17at 1:00 PM

Membership: Maryann Samsell , US Citizen, was reinstated. New Members Joy Dart UK,  and Peggy Groves US were welcomed into the club.

Eleven past presidents were honored with a long stemmed rose, and words of appreciation. Honorees were:

Virginia Mosvold; Charter President, Maryann Belvin, Constance Penning, Martha Cartwright, Katybel

Taylor  Joan Darville, Alice Large, Joyce Harrison, Penny Bethel, Ann Bain, Beverly Hall and sitting

President, Jo Morasco.

Joyce Harrison introduced Speaker Bonnie Kruse who gave an in-depth report on the history of GBAWC’S affiliation with GFWC. She also recognized the Bahamian Women’s Club, and one of its past presidents, Ethyln Major. It was noted that WANDS started in 1968, and is presently 85 volunteers strong. WANDS also organized the first Blood Drive.


Freeport Art Association Exhibit February 12th 7-9 PM, Rand Nature Centre

Freeport Player’s Guild’s upcoming production of  “Raisin in the Sun” was mentioned.

Next Executive Board meeting: February 16th, at the home of Christine Gardner.

Hearing no further business, the meeting adjourned at 1:45 PM

Joan Darville

Recording Secretary


19 January 2015

Ruby Swiss Restaurant

The meeting was called to order by Pres. Jo Morasco.  The Collect was read by Connie Penning, followed by the Pledge.

Members introduced their guests.  51 members and guests were in attendance.

Jo stated that the minutes from the previous luncheon were in the newsletter as was the financial report.  Treasurer noted that two checks needed to be approved.  Bev Hall made a motion that the checks be approved, seconded by Nicole Krapac.  Motion passed.  A motion was made by Connie Penning and seconded by Joyce Harrison that the May meeting be held on the first Monday in May rather that the usual second.  The

motion passed.

!st V.P. Joyce Harrison stated that the applications for scholarships were taken to schools Jan. 7, and will be collected Feb. 20.

WAND’S is seeking volunteers for hearing and vision testing.  The testing is being held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

2nd V.P. Roz Majer alerted the members of the up coming golf tournament (Feb. 21) and asked for volunteers for fund raising, 50/50 raffle sales, deserts for the dinner after the tournament, and helpers on the dayof the tournament.  A brief golf committee meeting was held after the luncheon.

Social Chairman, Ann Bain announced that there would be a gathering at The Dive In on Thursday, January 29, from 4-6:30.  Members and guests are welcome.  Drinks and snacks can be ordered from the restaurant.

Following the luncheon, a delightful and informative program was presented by Elly Decter.  She shared her adventures on her trip through China with commentary, photos, and videos.

Jo announced that due to VAT and rising food prices, the cost for luncheon at Ruby Swiss would now be $20 for members, and $22 for guests.

The executive board meeting is to be held Monday, January 26, 11:00 am, Joyce Harrison’s home.

Jo Morasco, President


8 December 2014 – Annual Holiday Luncheon

Garden Cafe @ Pelican Bay Resort

The Collect was read by Joan Hill Cuffy.

Members introduced their guests.

A motion was made by Connie Penning and seconded by Jocelyn to dispense with business.

A buffet luncheon commenced at 12:30, followed by a jewelry exchange, carols, and raffle.

Announcements: Penny Ettinger: Performing Arts membership drive

Gloria McClone: Plays at the theater & Regency Singers Christmas Concert

Executive Board meeting: 15 December, Jo’s home, 11 am.

The luncheon adjourned at 2 :30.

Jo Morasco, President


November 10, 2014 Meeting

The minutes of the meeting of the GBAWC, at the Ruby Swiss Restaurant,held on Monday, November 10, 2014 was called to order at 12:00 noon by president Jo Morasco.

The club’s collect was read by Beverly Hall, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

A warm welcome was extended to all by Madam President.

New member Johanne Tate was introduced to the membership. Members introduced their guests.

Minutes of the October meeting were approved as presented in the newsletter.

Treasurer Christine Gardner presented 4 checks for approval: $1900.00 for Convention expense, $200.00 for petty cash fund, $99.00 for Paula Farrington\Website, and $704.00 Ruby Swiss Oct. luncheon.

Motion was presented by Joy Larsen and seconded that checks be approved. Motion carried

Motion was presented by Ingrid Nicholson and seconded that club continue to meet monthly at the Ruby Swiss Restaurant except for the December Holiday Luncheon.

Motion carried

The December Holiday lunch will be held at Garden Delite Restaurant, Pelican Bay Hotel, at the cost of $33.00 per person.  A jewelry exchange will be held. Members are encouraged to consider the quality of the items they will bring.

Please contact Norma Liedel with your luncheon reservations.

Carolyn Milligan’s number is available for those wishing to contact her, as she will not be returning to Freeport.

Nominating Committee was formed:

Ingrid Nicholson

Joan Hill Cuffy

Susan Greenstreet

Joy Larsen

Angela Hackman

Buffet Lunch was served

Program: Joy Larsen

Reef Ball Project presented by Barry Smith and Cheri Wood.

An in-depth look at the Reef Ball Foundation, which protects the Coral Reefs. A film presentation was used, as well as a sample reef Ball and handouts. Joy thanked them for coming, and thank you cards were presented.


Sailing Club is having a ‘’Posh Paws’’ Fashion Show

Theatre: A Christmas Carol, 1st week of December.

Freeport Garden Club’s Annual Coffee Morning, will be held on Sat. Nov. 15th, at the home of Jackie Lakers, Princess Isle. 10 AM-1 PM, cost $10.00

Rand Nature Centre: Opening of Art Exhibit. See Jo Morasco and\or Isabel MacDonald for further details.

Nov. 28th-Victoria Ferguson will host a joint fundraiser in aid of the Grand Bahama Children’s Home, off Booty Drive. Contact Barb Strollery.

Raffle was held.

Meeting adjourned at 1:55 PM

Joan Darville

Recording Secretary




20 October 2014 — OCTOBER MEETING

The monthly meeting of the GBAWC, held on Monday, October 20, 2014, at the Ruby Swiss Restaurant, 12:00 Noon.

The meeting was called to order at 12:00 Noon by president Jo Morasco.

The Collect and Pledge were lead by Gloria McGlone.

A warm welcome was extended to all by Madam President, Jo Morasco.

Members introduced their guests.

The Minutes of the May meeting were posted on the website. No corrections were received.

The Treasurer’s report were posted on the website for viewing.

In the absence of 2nd Vice President Roz Majer, it was moved by Katybel Taylor and seconded that the annual GBAWC Golf Classic be held at the Grand Lucayan\Reef Golf Course, on Saturday, February 21, 2015.  Seconded by Bev Hall.
Motion carried.

The Budget report for the 2014-15 club year was presented by Assistant Treasurer Jackie Gray. Copies were made available.
A motion was presented by Ann Bain, and seconded by Maryann Belvin to accept the Budget as presented.
Motion carried.

The Audit Committee report was prepared by Jackie Gray and Ann McConnell, and was presented by Jackie Gray. Copies were made available.

The GBAWC Convention, held in June, in Chandler, Arizona was attended by Madam President, who presented her report.

Wands update was given by Joyce Harrison. A sign up sheet was passed around. New volunteers invited. Training will be made available. At least four schools will hopefully be completed by December.

Happy Birthday was extended to Joan Cuffy and Joy Larsen.

Buffet Lunch

Joyce Harrison introduced Speaker Ann Baddeley Keister, of Fashion Jewelry Textiles.
Jewelry and clothing was modeled by members.

Conducted by Chairman Marilyn Micheli.
Members are encouraged to donate items for the monthly raffle .

Next Executive Board Meeting will be held on Monday, November 17th, at the home of Ann Bain,  #8 Confederates Walk,  Bahamia, 11:00 AM

Meeting adjourned at 2:00PM

Submitted by Joan Darville
Recording Secretary


12 May 2014 Philanthropic Recipent Dinner at the Ruby Swiss Restaurant

President Bev Hall opened the meeting at 7:00 pm with the Club Collect, Pledge of Allegience to the United States and Bahamian Flags.

The minutes were approved. A buffet dinner was served.

Barb Stollery introduced the speaker, Geneva Rutherford, Director of the Charles Hayward Library. Her speech was very inspirational and riviting.

The scholarship students were called forward and presented with certificates. The students are:

Bishop Michael Eldon School: Robert Cartwright, Nathan Powell Cooper, Isis Candace Roberts, Jagier Wilmott.

Grand Bahama Catholic High School: Clevanche Lightbourne, Dava Major, Chelsea Williams

Sunland Baptist Academy: Cynymon Colebrook, Cardrin Fernander, Destiny Gardiner, Hydeia Knowles, Aaliyah K.T. Rigby
Tabernacle Baptist Christian Academy: Trenae Bain, Anfernae L.M. Hepburn, Hannique Roberts

Community Awards were given to:
Girl Guides, Brand Bahama Sailing Club, Hampton Academy, Humane society of Grand Bahama, Rand Nature Centre, Sir Charles Hayward Children’s Library, The Salvation Army, YMCA

Jo Morasco made a motion to allocate $99.00 to be used to set up a BLOG/WEBSITE for the Club that would include news, reports, and information pertinent to the Club. Barb Stollery seconded.                  The motion passed.

Bev Hall installed the following officers for the 2014-2015 season:

President: Jo Morasco

1st V. P.: Joyce Harrison

2nd V.P.: Roz Major

Recording Secretary: Joan Darville

Corresponding Secretary: Lori Slenker

Treasurer: Christine Gardner

Joan Hill Cuffy stated that $150.00 was made from the Raffle.        The dinner meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Jo Morasco, Recording Secretary



14 April 2014  |  Ruby Swiss Restaurant

The meeting was called to order by Pres. Bev Hall.  Madge Vining lead the Collect followed by the Pledge.

Hostess Jo Morasco introduced guests: Nancy Lundgren, Beth Kilby and Marli Cole.

The minutes from the previous meeting were corrected to read:  Parliamentarian, Martha Cartwright notified the members that during the April meeting, we would be asked to vote on By Law Revisions.

Pres. Hall asked for suggestions for a speaker for the May awards dinner.

1st V.P. Gardner noted that the Philanthropic Committee distributed $24,500 to scholarship students and children summer programs.  The following students received scholarships:  BME: Isis Roberts, Jagier Wilmott, Nathan Cooper, and Robert Cartwright; Sunland: Destiny Gardiner, Aaliyah Rigby, Cynymon Colebrook, Cardrin Fernander, and Hydeia Knowles; Tabernacle: Anfernae Hepburn, Hannique Roberts, and Trenae Bain: GB Catholic: Clevanche Lightbourne, Dava Major, and Chelsea Williams. $800 was given to the following children summer programs:  YMCA, Salvation Army, Rand Nature Centre, Sailing Club, Library, and Girl Guides.

The Humane Society received $800, and the Hampton Academy received $200.

By Laws:  See changes.

The total in the club’s checking and savings accounts is $51,574.44.  Checks were written to: Ruby Swiss $784.00, and for two tutors at Columbus House, $417.00 and $583.00.

Information for the Newsletter needs to be sent to Paula Farrington by April 25.

Elections: The following persons were nominated:  Pres. Jo Morasco, 1st V.P. Joyce Harrison, 2nd V.P. Roz Major, Treasurer Christine Gardner, Secretary Joan Darville and Corresponding Secretary Lori Slenker. It was moved by Roz Major and seconded by Madge Vining that we dispense with the ballots for the election.  The motion passed.  It was moved by Roz Major and seconded by Penny Bethel that the nominations be accepted as presented.  The motion passed.

It was moved by Ann Bain and seconded by Penny Bethel that $2500.00 be allocated for the president to attend the GFWC convention in June.  The motion passed.

$67.00 was collected from the raffle.

Announcements:  Angela Hackman and Gloria McGlone announced that the play “Sara’s Wedding” was to be presented at the theater on May 1, 2, and 3.

The next Executive Meeting will be held at the Rand Nature Center on May 28, at 11:00 am.  The newly elected officers should plan on attending.

Respectfully submitted, Jo Morasco, Recording Secretary


MARCH MEETING: 10 March 2014

at Ruby Swiss Restaurant

President Bev Hall called the meeting to order at 12:00, and lead the Collect and Pledge.

Jo Morasco introduced nine guests. As Secretary, she read the minutes from the February meeting. They were approved as read after the correction: Great Books was held at Joy Larsen’s home, and not Barbara Flood’s.

Christine Gardner introduced new members, Mireille Lods and Lori Slenker. As 1st V.P. and head of the Philanthropic Committee, she stated that seven students, who now have scholarships have applied, and they have a total of 25 new applications to review. Also, a motion was made by Constance Penning and seconded by Joy Larson that the $1,000, which was donated to Columbus House last year to be used for a computer room, be reallocated to be used to pay a tutor for the resident students. The motion passed.

Roz Major noted that $22,457.52 was the total made from the Golf Tournament.

Katybel Taylor gave the treasurer’s report as follows: Balances: RBC $42,010.69; Finco $8,267.57, and luncheon float $79.75; Total $50,358.01.

The following checks were written: Christine Gardner (cash to Jo for trophys) $399.20; Ruby Swiss (Feb. Luncheon) $832.00; Bev Hall (flowers for Pres.) $96.00; Bev Hall (GFWC annual dues) $65.00; Bishop Michael Eldon $434.00; Tabernacle Academy $1,302.00; Sunland Baptist $2.170.00; G.B. Catholic $1,736.00, Hutchison Lucaya Ltd. (cart fees) $2,432.00; Christine Gardner (cash, Jo, ribbons & supplies) $18.52; Christine Gardner (cash, Bev sleeves for signs) $9.91; Christine Gardner (cash, Bev, misc. dinner expense) $107.10; Christine Gardner (cash, Roz, paper, etc.) $36.75; Christine Gardner (cash, Roz, food, ice, etc.) $32.58; and Freeport News $399.42. A motion was made by Jo Morasco and seconded by Norma Liedel to accept these charges. The motion passed.

Parliamentarian, Martha Cartwright notified the members that during the March meeting, we would be asked to vote on ByLaw Revisions. These suggestions will be emailed or given to members to be reviewed. Members of the revision committee are: Martha Cartwright, Bev Hall, Joyce Harrison, Doreen Plummer, Bonnie Kruse, Christine Gardner, Jo Morasco, Joan Darville, and Joan Hill Cuffy.

Roz Majer, head of the nominating committee, listed the following women to fill the Executive Board Offices: President: Jo Morasco; 1st Vice President: Joyce Harrison; 2nd Vice President: Roz Majer; Treasurer: Christine Gardner; Recording Secretary: Joan Darville; and Corresponding Secretary: Lori Slenker. No other nominations were presented.

Great Books will meet at the home of Barbara Flood, 11 March, at 1:00.

Hazel Hallatt, WAND’s Coordinator stated that all schools have been visited except one. Having tested 1,561 second and ninth grade students, 158 vision problems and 49 hearing problems were detected. A Thank-you Brunch was held for the 29 volunteers.

Plaques were given to Carmen Albury and Carol Bethel (Freeport Jet Wash), Paula Farrington (Freeport Advertising) and Ampi Ebelhar (Polymers) for their support of the Golf Tournament.

Joy Larsen stated the 49 golf cart sponsors covered the golf cart rentals for the tournament. She asked club members to notify her if they are aware of corporate sponsors who should be contacted in the fall to help with the sponsorship.

A buffet lunch was served.

Angela Hackman introduced our guest speaker, Bridgette Greene, from The Florist at Awards and Signs. She demonstrated several different ways to arrange flowers, and donated the final arrangement as a raffle prize.


• Katybel Taylor; Freeport Garden Club Show, Mary Star, 15 March, 11-5 pm, cost; $5.00

• Gloria McGlone; C-Force, Musicians, 15 March, Regency Theater, 7:30 pm, $30.00

The next Executive Board Meeting: 17 March, Jo Morasco’s home, 11:00.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Jo Morasco, Recording Secretary

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International & American women joining together for social and philanthropic fundraising in support of education and service projects that benefit the Grand Bahama community.

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